Lead singer - O'C (Mike O'Connell).....delivers the vocal sound that will knock you outta your seat!  Channeling Joe Cocker, Eddie Vedder, Aaron Lewis...and more.  Sit back and be ready to get hit with a bluesy soulful rock sound like none before.

Andy Haltunnen - THE A-Train!  Andy slides and strums to a sound that will make you smile.  Keeping with the songs original intent but twisted "Unforgiven" style.  As Andy says..."I love how we take a song make it our own!"



Don Wood - when the bass gets thumping and the HEART gets pumpin and the foot gets tappin.....you can thank Don Wood.  DOn's vast musical experience and ability is the backbone of the band.  Don's arrangements and leads drive the band to one cool sound!


Keyboard and Vocals - Susan Snow lives for MUSIC!  With popping keys that wanna get you on your feet and sweet harmonies that carry Unforgiven's sound to the next level.